Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google’s 174 web fonts downloadable

Google Web Fonts are a great way to get started using new typefaces on the web without paying for a service like Typekit.Google Web Fonts is the best way to add amazing new free fonts to your site. Google web fonts are web safe fonts, which can be added to any site by adding a few simple lines of code to your html.
Enthused by the new font technology and with the intention to improve our web design fonts,  we tested out the Google web fonts. And it was much easier than I thought and was compatible with most web browsers.
Of course, it could be worse. Users of services such as Typekit pay an annual subscription for access to web fonts, and still have to make a separate purchase that can easily cost hundreds of dollars just to use a couple of those fonts in Photoshop.

Click Here To Download all fonts

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