Friday, January 21, 2011


Swiss Bank revealed some interesting facts about money deposited there.
The facts are most interesting for us Indians.
Here is the total money deposited in Swiss Bank amount wise:

#1 India $1456 Billion ~ 66,095 Billion INR

#2 Russia $470 Billion ~ 21,335 Billion INR

#3 UK $390 Billion ~ 17,704 Billion INR

#4 Ukraine $100 Billion ~ 4,539 Billion INR

#5 China $96 Billion ~ 4,357 Billion INR


Look!! India is number one in money deposited there. USA isn't even in top five.

Fact one: If we add the other top 4 countries, even then their amount(47,395 Billion INR) doesn't even come close to that of India(66,095 Billion INR) alone.

Fact two: This money is 13 times the foreign debt India is under.If this money come back to india after that India can pay there all debts with still alot of money left .

Fact three: With all this money more than 45 Crore people can get INR 1 Lac each. O.o

Fact four: On this money the interest alone will be more than annual India budget.

Fact five: This money is more than enough to run India for 40 years, even if nobody pays taxes.

    ----------------------INDIAN GOVERMENT HELPLESS ---------------

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said there was no instant solution to bring back the black money stashed in foreign banks and stated the compulsion which prevented the government from making public the information due to treaty obligations.

"There is no instant solution to bring back the money stashed abroad. We have some information from a particular location, but we have given a commitment and therefore we cannot make it public. Who will trust us if we do not keep our word," Singh said at Rashtrapati Bhavan after the reshuffle of his Cabinet.

Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court had pulled up the government for withholding information on black money parked in Swiss banks, saying it was not just limited to tax evasion but a "mind boggling crime" amounting to "theft" and "plunder" of national wealth having security ramifications.

The prime minister however said that he was unaware of the apex court's observations on the issue.


  1. ManMohan Singh is incapable of doing his duties, he is just enjoying the power. He morally should resign.

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